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            BlizzardBall Novel

Nominated for the Midwest and Minnesota Book Award 

Pursuit of the world's richest lottery jackpot is a deadly game that propels the reader into the world of numerical probability, conspiratorial politics, international ticket scalpers, counterfeiters, disgruntled players, and illegal aliens looking to grab the brass ring. Caught in the crosscurrents are an old school cop and tech savvy analyst buffeted by unsolved murders, a bomb blast, and the curious whereabouts of the winning lottery ticket.

If you believe all lottery tickets have an equal opportunity of winning, BlizzardBall will infuriate you. If you want an inside look at the lottery, BlizzardBall will inform you. If you want a mystery ride with hairpin turns and colorful characters, BlizzardBall will intrigue you.

“A rip roaring ride on the roller coaster of luck."  Larry King

“Captures the excitement of the run-up to a huge jackpot ... and the euphoria, confusion, and mystery in the aftermath.”

Todd Northrop, founder of



Next Drawing

January 31, 2014  

Like a baker who has written a novel against the back drop of desserts and feeling compelled to hand out cookies with each book, I offer my readers the BlizzardBall Lottery game in the same spirit. My hope is that you will be both entertained and informed by the BlizzardBall novel and the chance to win a Million Dollars will "sweeten" the overall experience.