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Feeling Lucky?

Some hold good fortune out to random chance or the confluence of events. Others assign it to positive thinking, predestination, divine intervention, or the magical realm. What is certain is that the BlizzardBall will attract all manner of insiders, schemers and big brains bent on steering luck and the world's richest jackpot their way.

The One Million Dollar lottery prize is backed by an insurance policy that guarantees to award the Grand Prize to an eligible entrant with a pick-six match. Plus everyone who submits an entry is included in a random draw for cash prizes. BlizzardBall Lottery is conducted under the supervision of an independent auditing firm that certifies the results and confirms the eligibility of the winner. See Official Rules.

Blizzard Ball Lottery Sweepstakes 

   Ends December 31, 2014




*Winner postings above are from previous Bonus Sweepstakes offered by sponsor.